Seasons and Natural Wonders: Vocabulary, Pronunciation

Seasons are a fascinating phenomena that graced our world with their ever-changing beauty. From the warm embrace of summer to the beautiful colors of autumn, each season has its own distinct appeal that captivates our senses. In this thorough tutorial, we will dig into the terminology and pronunciation of seasons and natural wonders that accompany them.

Seasons and natural wonders vocabulary

Understanding the terminology linked with seasons is essential for understanding their variety. Let’s begin by going through the key words for each season:


Spring normally lasts from March to May in the Northern Hemisphere and from September to November in the Southern Hemisphere.


The procedure through which Flowers begin to open and bloom.


The transfer of pollen from one flower to another, vital for plant reproduction.


Frequent rainfalls that often bring life back to the earth after winter.


Autumn lasts from September to November in the Northern Hemisphere and from March to May in the Southern Hemisphere.


The leaves of trees and plants, especially when they change color.


The gathering of crops and fruits from the fields during the season.


The colder temperatures that emerge when summer comes to an end.


Winter lasts from December to February in the Northern Hemisphere and from June to August in the Southern Hemisphere.


The thin layer of ice that forms on surfaces when the temperature drops.


To spend the winter in a dormant state, often used for animals.


The feeling of warmth and comfort during the cold winter months.


Summer lasts from June to August in the Northern Hemisphere and from December to February in the Southern Hemisphere.


Extremely hot and uncomfortable weather.


Describes a person’s skin being tanned by the sun.


During the summer, a season of leisure and enjoyment.

This Seasons and Natural Wonders Vocabulary guide has taken us on a linguistic journey through the beauty and wonder of our planet. From the blossoms of spring to the glistening snowflakes of winter, and from the awe-inspiring Northern Lights to the vast canyons, our world is filled with captivating wonders to explore and appreciate. May this knowledge inspire us to cherish and protect the natural marvels that surround us.

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