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Basic English Conversations: Topic 11 – 20

Continue refining your English communication skills with topics 11 to 21 of basic English conversations. These discussions provide you with essential phrases, expressions, and real-life examples to navigate an array of situations with confidence and ease. Topic 11: Making Phone Calls Engage in phone conversations effectively: Example Discussion: A: “Hello, this is Emily. How can […]

Basic English Conversations: Topic: 1 -10

Enhance your English communication skills for everyday interactions by delving into the first ten topics of basic English conversations. These discussions will equip you with essential phrases and expressions needed to navigate various situations confidently, along with real-life examples to guide you. Topic 1: Greetings and Introductions Start conversations warmly with a variety of greetings: […]

Daily Activities Expressions, Pronunciation, and Vocabulary [ Greetings ]

Learning a new language entails not just learning grammatical rules and vocabulary, but also comprehending how language is utilized in everyday settings. Daily activities are an important aspect of our lives, and being able to communicate them in a foreign language is necessary for efficient communication. In this post, we will look at numerous everyday […]

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