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Basic English Conversations: Topic 11 – 20

Continue refining your English communication skills with topics 11 to 21 of basic English conversations. These discussions provide you with essential phrases, expressions, and real-life examples to navigate an array of situations with confidence and ease. Topic 11: Making Phone Calls Engage in phone conversations effectively: Example Discussion: A: “Hello, this is Emily. How can […]

Basic English Conversations: Topic: 1 -10

Enhance your English communication skills for everyday interactions by delving into the first ten topics of basic English conversations. These discussions will equip you with essential phrases and expressions needed to navigate various situations confidently, along with real-life examples to guide you. Topic 1: Greetings and Introductions Start conversations warmly with a variety of greetings: […]

Workplace Vocabulary

Effective communication is critical for productivity and cooperation in the changing workplace environment. Individuals who master workplace vocabulary may manage professional encounters with confidence and clarity. This post will go over crucial workplace words and provide a full approach to improving your language abilities in a professional situation. Workplace Vocabulary 1. Colleague A colleague is […]

Fundamental Emotions : Vocabulary and pronunciation guide

Emotions are at the heart of human experience, determining our relationships and reactions to our surroundings. Understanding and expressing basic emotions successfully are critical parts of communication and self-awareness. A rich emotional vocabulary and correct pronunciation let you to connect with others on a deeper level, whether communicating sentiments in personal relationships, engaging in discussions, […]

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